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Sunday 12th July (pdf)

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Now open again!
Saturday 1st March 2014

Propety Steward Forbes Sutton has had the builders in on Friday and the ceiling is now repaired. So it is now safe to use the building as usual.
Thanks Forbes!

Business as usual!
Sunday 23rd February

Business as usual

It was business as usual on Sunday when the Parade Service led by Christine Armstrong was held in the Church Hall. The service was attended by Beavers, Cubs & Scouts from the 7th Banstead Scout Group whose HQ is nearby. The actual church part of the building was closed due to safety concerns that a part of the ceiling was not secure.
The Rev Dr John Amankwatia said, “We will get the church building open again as ASAP but in the meantime we will continue all church activities as normal using our extensive premises.”