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Beavers: For boys and girls aged 6 – 8 years old. Motto: “Fun and Friends”.  The annual programme includes games, some badge work, learning through fun activities, outings and sleepovers.  Beavers meet in the Scout HQ at the back of the church on Thursdays (5.30 pm – 6.45 pm) in term-time. Contact: 01737 358077 for more information.

Cubs: For boys and girls aged 8 – 10.  The programme includes camping, sleepovers, badge work, games, challenge awards and outings.  Cubs meet in the Scout HQ at the back of the church on Wednesdays (6.30 pm – 8.00 pm) in term-time. Contact:  01737 356201 for more details.

Scouts: For boys and girls aged 10 – 14.  Includes camping, hiking, badge work, cooking initiative tests, sleepovers and outings.  Scouts meet in the Scout HQ behind the church on Fridays (7.30 pm – 9 pm) in term–time. Contact : 01737 356201 for more details.

Membership fees:  All sections pay a £45.00 Joining Fee with the membership fees for 2014 set at £35.00 per term thereafter, plus section subs of £5.00 per term.

Parade Services: Interactive, all-age services for all ages but aimed especially at children and young people. Parade services usually take place in January, February, March, June, September, October and November on the last Sunday of the month (except in March when it takes place on Mothering Sunday).

Activity report to July 2021:


The final countdown

And so we reach the end of another year of Beavers.  At least we’ve had nearly a whole term of normality (masks, sanitiser and distancing aside).  It’s been lovely being back face to face with our little turquoise Ninjas; especially as some of them never got on with Zoom, so we’ve recently seen some of them for the first time in well over a year.   And goodness, how they’ve grown!

For our final two weeks, we’ve been blessed with good weather, so have comfortably met outside both weeks.  Last week, we challenged the children to play a couple of team games; firstly to transport a ping pong ball, using kitchen roll innards, but without touching the ball with their hands.  It was so good to see how well they all worked together to figure out a plan (distancing was briefly suspended for this game!).  They also had to rescue a rubber duck from a leaky drain pipe, by filling it with water and then plugging the leaks with their fingers (thanks for the loan, Raksha).  
We also completed some important badge work; allowing us to then present the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award to three of our oldest Beavers.  These boys (Jack, Nathan and Jacob) have attended virtually every Zoom session and face to face meeting over the last 2 years, so it was well deserved that they completed this badge before leaving us.
Our final week of the year was spent at Park Farm, our district camp site.  We did Welly Wanging (resulting only in one self-inflicted injury!!); soft archery and we bashed some Pinatas (big shout out to Kanga, who made some brilliant papier mache models).  We also blew giant bubbles (anyone with grandchildren visiting over the summer, check out the many YouTube videos of these bubbles; they are great fun).  We then moved on to water games and got the children nice and wet during a relay race.  But the only part of the evening that the children cared about was the free for all water fight.  Inevitably, the leaders were all targeted and got soaked.....well, all except Piglet, who sensibly brought waterproof trousers and jacket (as the motto goes, “Be Prepared”).  

We then sat around the campfire for a sausage in a bun, before doing our “swimming up” ceremony for the 8 Beavers who are leaving us to move to Cubs.  It’s always a bitter-sweet time when we say goodbye to our leavers.  Those shy, tiny and sometimes tearful 6 year olds so quickly grow up – in all senses of the word.  But we send them off with all our best wishes, knowing that they are ready for the fabulous and exciting time they will have with Akela and her team.

So I finish our strange year with a heartfelt thank you to the fabulous children, whose chatter and happy faces make it all worthwhile and an even bigger thank you to my amazing team: Piglet (Julie); Kanga (Carla); Eeyore (Eve); Tom and Alice.  I also want to make a special mention of the Arscott family who have cheerfully pitched in when we’ve needed extra help.

And I can’t sign off the year without mentioning our lovely Pooh (Owen).  Forever in our hearts; we will never forget you.

Beaver Scout Leader

Liz Batten

September 2019:
CUBS   -   Cub Scout Leader Maura Barber
There are currently 32 cubs.  Leadership is strong with 4 Leaders and 1 YL plus a sectional assistant who comes when college work permits.
Activities:  Pack Quiz for the District Competition. Visit to the Vets.  Pet Show.  Shooting and celebration evening at Park Farm.  Mother’s Day Gift Decorating. Ragwort clearing at a local farm for Local Knowledge Badge.  Attended SCRAM (A County Activity Day) in June.
Badges completed:   Athletics, Global Issue, Animal Carer. Plus World and Outdoor Challenges   
Camps / Sleepovers:   1 pre camp sleepover and a 5 night camp at Angmering where the cubs did cooking on open fires, went to the beach, and an outdoor pool, did archery & climbing, had a sports morning and an afternoon treasure trail round Arundel, and a trip to Fishers Farm.
There have been 4 Chief Scout Silver Awards

SCOUTS   -   Scout Leader Janice Barber
The Scout Section now has 24 scouts although 8 are not yet invested.   Leadership has dropped due to one sectional assistant returning to university so there are just 2 Leaders & 1 sectional assistant.
Activities:  Various activities covering Addiction – drink, drugs, smoking, and healthy lifestyle choices. Initiative Tests.   Country Code.  Forum on “How do you do the right thing?”  Mothers Day Gift Painting.  Bearings and basic Map reading skills. Made matchstick boats for Chip & Dip evening at Beddington Park.  Go Golfin’ evening. Community service with the Horticultural society. Shooting. Flying from Redhill aerodrome in 4 seater planes. Ragwort pulling at a local farm with cubs.
Camps / Sleepovers: A 6 night camp at Angmering in May where they did everything the cubs did plus a day hike, and a trip to Littlehampton Funfair with a fish & chip supper in the park.  
Badges completed:   Skills, Outdoor and Adventure Challenges. Scouts against Malaria Badge completed at camp.  
There have been no Chief Scout Gold Awards as the older ones have an Expedition Challenge 2 day hike to do in order to finish it.

Group Matters:  The whole Group got involved in writing prayers for the Mothers Day Parade Service, and took part in it.  We had a good turn out for St Georges Day Parade and a reasonable  attendance for the AGM in July. Julie Jordan was awarded a Chiefs Scouts Commendation for Good Services and Stuart Barber received the Silver Wolf Award in the St Georges Day Awards.  
Janice Barber, Scouter in Charge

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